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Accounting is getting sexy!   August 2014

Believe it or not accounting systems are starting to get quite sexy, writes PAUL DAVIES, as they move into the cloud and even allow users to use them from their mobile phones.

We have clients who use Xero, MYOB and Quick Books. Both Xero and MYOB have cloud based accounting solutions that are easy to use and enable collaboration with your accountant.

Clients save a lot of time!

The new cloud based systems also have direct feeds from the bank – shooting your bank transactions directly into the accounting system and coding them with minimal input from users. This feature saves us about two hours per week and should be the same for any small to medium sized travel or tourism business.

Do your accounting anytime and anywhere!

Xero is the new cloud based system that has set the standard for those wishing to be in the cloud.

Their entrance into the market has given companies such as MYOB a “hurry up” to develop cloud-based solutions. They have come up with MYOB Essentials (totally cloud based) and converted their desktop Account Right products to run in the cloud. Account Right Plus now runs on the desktop and in the cloud so is not totally reliant upon the internet.

One of Xero’s real strengths is the many ADD ON programmes that integrate with the base programme.

Which accounting system should you choose for your business?

The comparison chart (right) has been prepared to guide you in making the best choice for your business.

How do these systems integrate into your Travel or Tourism System?

If you are using Tramada with manual integration no problem you can use any of these systems for your back office.

If you are using SAM then approval has been given from Sabre to integrate to the MYOB cloud based products.

If you are using Crosscheck, Serko or Travelog then these products have integrated back office accounting and you do not need a separate back office.

If you are using Tour Writer this is integrated with Xero.

If you are a Travel Broker, small Wholesaler or Tourism company any of these systems may meet your needs depending upon how sophisticated your Payroll requirements are.

If you need Multi Currency and want to use MYOB Account Right, the Multi Currency option is due for release 4th quarter 2014.”